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Matt Ott watching a monitor while filming.

Hello, I’m writer/director Matt Ott. I created the (hilariously short-lived) Comedy Central series Comedians in Public and my American Sign Language series Train Gone Sorry will premiere on VSYN+, the first Deaf focused streaming platform. Ovum, my first feature, was released by The Orchard and my last two short films (scratch and Clam Shack Blues) premiered at the Austin Film Festival. Unregistered, my gitty medical comedy pilot is a Sundance Labs finalist.


As a former stand-up comedy producer, I often collaborate with the top comedians in the country. These relationships afford me a deep, diverse and hilarious roster of talent to bring my off-beat characters to life in their hyper-grounded worlds. 


My next feature film is Hotline, a thriller comedy.

A crisis counselor volunteers to work the suicide hotline’s most difficult holiday shift, but dealing with raging neighbors, relentless “jerkers” and her own traumas proves to be far more chaotic than the family dinner she was avoiding.

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